Indian Railways touches the lives of almost all the citizens of this country in some way. The national transporter ferries crores of people daily and reaches the entire length and breadth of this vast nation. Having a network spread across the country, there is a need to maintain and further develop the same which is why there are several projects in the pipeline related to safety, infrastructural development, maintenance, etc. aiming to transform the transport sector and connect the nation. It has been seen in the past that railway projects are sanctioned at the apex level but many times their execution get stuck with different district authorities where these projects fall. To make this process more transparent and ensure faster implementation of railway projects, ‘Rail Samanvay’ portal has been developed. Rail Samanvay gathers information regarding status of key issues of Zones/ PSUs under Ministry of Railways, pertaining to different parliamentary constituencies across the country, which are pending at different state/ district authorities.The information will help to keep track of the progress made towards resolving those issues and ensure implementation of projects within specified timelines.
Rail Samanvay will help in-
● Tracking project related pending issues with state govt authorities- this will help in creating a transparent system, giving a clearer picture of current status of the project
● Status of action taken against the concerned issues- action taken against an issue will be uploaded and meticulously updated which will help in its monitoring and analysis
● State, District and Parliamentary Constituency wise mapping of issues would help to flag them at appropriate level- issues will be able to be tracked to their respective state/district/parliamentary constituency and thus concerned departments/authorities can be approached directly for its redressal Rail Samanvay is a portal for the changing demographics of this nation where faster project implementation is the need of the hour. This portal will help in identifying issues, and attributing the reasons for a delay in any project execution so that necessary steps can be taken to implement the work. Rail Samanvay will thus help enhance transparency in the system and promote good work ethics.